Weight Loss Vs Decrease in Body Fat

Weight Loss Vs Decrease In Fat

3 years ago my goal was to lose weight, little did I know then that what I was actually wanting was to reduce body fat and increase muscle definition.

This is a topic we speak with clients about on a weekly basis. As we gain muscle and reduce body fat the scales don’t always move and in some cases they go up. Understanding the difference between weight loss and decreasing body fat is something we ALL seem to mentally struggle with as the scales bounce up and down. It’s common for people to say muscles weighs more than fat. Now let’s be honest a 1kg of muscles and a 1kg of fat both weigh 1kg BUT the muscles is leaner and takes up a lot less space than body fat.

This is why I personally believe tracking cms is the better option. As you gain muscle and lose body fat the cms measurements will drop reflecting the true body fat decrease we are wanting we our goal is “lose weight”.

When you start a health & fitness journey taking before photos and getting starting measurements of chest, waist, hips, thighs and arms is the best starting point to track your journey.

When you sit down and write your health and fit goals keep this in mind.