Top 5 Tips to improve your life in an instant

Every day is one of the top 7 days to improve your life!

Therefore I thought it would be a miss of me not to send you my top 5 tips to improve your life in an instant 🙂

1 – Get out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off. The first thing you do each day should be positive, it gets your momentum started. Get up and get moving!

2 – Tell yourself who you are every day. It might sound weird but if someone told you how awesome you were 10+ times a day – it would leave you feeling pretty good about yourself right? Well the sad news is – nobody is going to do that for you, the good news is that you can do it for yourself! Here are some ideas:

  • I AM strong
  • I AM worthy
  • I AM confident
  • I AM an inspiration to others
  • I AM an amazing role model
  • I AM leading by example

3 – Pull the weeds! Flowers can’t grow in a garden full of weeds. Get rid of negative things, people and feelings from your environment. That might mean spending less time with certain people, not watching certain TV shows, changing jobs etc.

4 – Drink some water first thing. Your body is dehydrated when you wake up – you haven’t had a drink for at least 7-8 hours! So before you do anything else, have a glass of water. This will get your water drinking kick started for the day too.

5 – Get clarity. If you jump in the car with no idea where you’re going it’s going to be challenging to stay motivated to keep going – you’ll likely just end up back where you started. Clarity comes in 2 forms. WHAT – what is the goal? Be as detailed and clear as possible. WHY – Why is it so important that you achieve this goal? The bigger the why the more likely you are to overcome the inevitable challenges that are going to pop up along the way.

There you go!

Get started by implementing the 1 that you think is going to make the biggest difference to you then start working your way through the rest 🙂