“I have finished my first 1.5 years at TF4L and I have made friends, I have a positive place to attend full of smiles & laughter. I always burn a high amount of calories when I attend and walk out feeling happy!” … Mel

“I have finished my first 12 months at TF4L and I have become stronger, more confident and more aware of nutritional information. I am a much happier & healthier person than I was 12 months ago, THANK YOU so much!!!” … Nicky

“I have just finished my first 30 days at TF4L and I have increased my fitness so much! I have not been on the scale but I know my clothes fit better. I now look forward to working out & I enjoy focusing on becoming stronger. It is a really great environment to work out.” … Nicolin

“The amazing support you guys offer and the judgement free zone make working out a thing of pleasure. Being able to work at our own pace, focusing on our strengths & weaknesses during our journey of self improvement. Knowing when we have our setbacks that someone is there to help guide us back on the right path is comforting” … Sarah

“I fit into my Wedding dress, which I got after my first baby, had two more & didn’t fit after number 3. I started bootcamp & fitted into it! Put it on a week before my Wedding (bought a $20 dress off boohoo just to do the job) and couldn’t believe it. Thanks so much TF4L.” … Toni

“Toowoomba Fit 4 Life is a life changing place. People who care about you and who encourage and support you every step of the way. This is not only a place to exercise but a place to start your adventure to a better you. A journey for your mind, body and soul. Thanks Alan and Vanessa.” … Sarah

“I am a Baby Boomer (age closer to 70 than 65) and have been working out twice a week for 12 months at Fit for Life. I love going, my flexibility and balance have improved amazingly, if a have trouble doing an exercise, Alan will suggest a couple of other ways to do them. Alan is patient. Yes, sometimes my muscles hurt, but isn’t that the whole point to get them working. As their add says – I enjoy seeing the other Baby Boomers, we have fun. I very much recommend them.” … Lorraine

“I’ve been with Alan (fit for life) since February 2017 and have been spoilt for anywhere else. We are all real people with real bodies, real lives and real struggles and we all try really hard. Everyone congratulates everyone else’s achievements no matter how small, whether in the gym or in life. I was so anxious about going to a gym at all, but here we are 18 months later. If you’re shy about getting active and don’t mind the odd “Dad joke” give Fit for Life a try.” … Karen

“A real Gentlemen. As a survivor of many medical issues I was very concerned about starting a fitness group. But No worries with Alan. You do your best and he is their to help. His gentle way of showing what to do with a soft patient voice really helps someone like me at my age that doesn’t always hear correctly or understand. Highly recommend you give this excellent team a go.” … Pat