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Our little pocket rocket Nicky has lost an AMAZING 17.5kg of fat!! We are so proud of you & can’t wait to see you smash more goals in 2019! 💪💜🎉😍
“Today I am feeling so good about what I have achieved this year.

As of Jan 20th 2018:

Weight: 78.1kg
Body Fat Mass: 35.9kg (45.9%)
Muscle Mass: 23.2kg
Visceral Fat Level: 12

On Dec 1st 2018

Weight: 70.2kg (7.9kg loss)
Body Fat Mass: 18.4kg (26.1%)(17.5kg loss)
Muscle Mass: 28.7kg (5.5kg gain)
Visceral Fat Level: 5

“And it is all thanks to my friends at #toowoombafit4life Without their help and encouragement, I would never have achieved this on my own. Looking forward to what 2019 brings 🤗💪🎉” … Nicky



Britta SMASHED her first goal of losing 15kg by December! 💪

By staying consistent with good nutrition, training with us 4-5 times a week, losing 1kg a week. Nice & healthy weight loss, no quick fixes, no diet pills, no meal replacement shakes, just grit & determination! Thank you so much for choosing us to help you on your health journey Britta, you are a loved member of our fit family. 💜🥕🍓🥊🏋️‍♀️

“I am a mum with a mum bod and I’m proud of the journey my body took to give me my babies. But now, I want to be fit and healthy for my kids and set a good example for them. ❤” … Britta



“I feel amazing! I love going to the gym. I’ve lost 24kg and 13kg to go until I hit my goal weight. It was my goal this year to lose weight but I didn’t expect this much and to feel this great, I have Toowoomba Fit 4 Life to thank for a lot of my success.” … Trina

Success Story - Tammy


Look at this Legend go! The lovely Tammy is the definition of determination! Tammy has lost an AMAZING 21kgs since starting with us 16wks ago! Congratulations on your fantastic work Tammy!

You too can achieve success just like Tammy!

Vanessa Norman

Your life is YOUR journey!

Success Stories - Vanessa

This is me 45kg heavier than I am now. I was a Mum to 3 kids under 5, unhappy, sick, depressed, tired and most of all hating myself!…!!

I was always a little chubby as a kid, teenager & young adult then I became a Mum & my depression went to an all time low with PND & I ate myself into a food coma everyday! I get really embarrassed that I let myself get this way. Your mind does play some tricks on you!

My honest wake up call was when my Grandmother was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes & both my parents were on Blood Pressure Medication & I was heading the same direction with my own blood pressure starting to rise at just 27yrs old. From that moment forward I changed my life for the better xxx Anyway 3 years on and I have lost 45kg & am still a work in progress.

There will always be ups & downs but as long as you get yourself back up & keep striving forward you will reach your goals! Believe in yourself, surround yourself with happy, positive influences, practise saying your goals every morning and visualise yourself achieving them.